B Words Confuse Me

I love to receive gift cards at Christmastime, but I often forget to use them.  This year I was determined to shop as soon as Christmas was over. I live 45 minutes from the nearest Bed, Bath & Beyond.  Therefore, online shopping is the best option. Hmm….what to buy from Bed, Bath & Beyond? Sheets, yes! I need new sheets.  

After a few minutes on the website of Bed, Bath & Beyond I find the perfect sheets.  The description promises to olivate overheating and bed sweats, an essential feature at my age.  I click, click my way to checkout, enter the gift card code in the appropriate box. A code red error occurs,  invalid gift card. What? Perhaps I typed the code wrong, I try again. Same error message, invalid gift card. Damn it…I really wanted those sheets, I pay full price for them.  The gift card is placed in my wallet to use next time I drive to the store.

Months later I plan a shopping trip with my daughter.   I ask her to remind me to go to Bed, Bath & Beyond to use the gift card.  Which is not a problem because it is two doors down from TJ Maxx which is a must stop for us.

At Bed, Bath & Beyond I go to the kitchen gadgets which  are my preferred acquisition. I pick out a few unnecessary items.  At checkout I hand my gift card to the sweet cashier, happy with myself for remembering to use it.  “Sorry ma’am that is not our card,” she said. That card is for Bath and Body Works. A bit embarrassed I laugh it off.  Good thing Bath and Body Works is in the mall right down the street.

We drive to the Mall which is in a sad state as most malls are today.  Half the stores closed and empty. Phew! Bath and Body Works is still there.  I pick out a few of my favorite soaps and candles.

At checkout I hand my gift card to another sweet cashier and tell her my story of trying to use it at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  She laughed and said, “it happens all the time.” I feel better about my inability to read gift cards.

She tells a story about an older man that phoned in to the store. He said, “give me the price on a Kitchenaid Mixer.” “Sir we do not sell appliances,” she replied.  Yes you do, he insisted! Let me talk to your manager. Sir we only sell soap, candles, and body lotion. I think you are looking for Bed, Bath & Beyond.

I would like to blame my stupidity on aging but that is not the reason.   My problem is I don’t pay attention. Simply reading the gift card would have helped.  However it is comforting to know I am not the only person making the B words blunder.

Life lesson – Laugh at yourself, it is okay to be silly!

Author: midlifeandcrazy

Life is about humor. I strive to find humor in any situation good or bad. As they say -- laughter is the best medicine!

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