The Jim

Marital Bliss and The Meat Injector

My husband Jim is referred to as “The Jim.”  He cannot simply be “Jim” because his personality and character is so strong.  We have been married for 100 years, or so it seems.

Needless to say, he has been in my life a long time.  I have endless stories of our relationship good and bad.  One of my favorites is the mystery of the meat injector.

The Jim loves to cook meat!  He uses dry rubs or marinades, he works the grill like a master chef.  He sometimes uses a meat injector that looks like giant needle a phlebotomist would use to take blood.    

A few years ago The Jim wanted to inject meat during grilling to keep it from drying out.  I searched our cooking accessories drawer and found the meat injector. Pleased with myself I handed it to The Jim.  His response was Where is the needle? Apparently that component of the device is required for injection. I replied, I don’t know you were the last one to use it!  My tone was a little too defensive, I have no idea which one of us touched it last. I assumed it was The Jim, I am not the chef. I am the dishwasher, there is a good chance I am the culprit. I never admit to it.   

We searched through the kitchen for what seemed like hours.  The required needle was not found. We were both annoyed and accused each other of losing it, but as married couples do we let it go and moved on.

About a year later, I was rummaging through the kitchen drawer again.  The injector caught my eye, stored safely inside was the needle. We had placed it there as not to lose it amongst the kitchen gadgets!  

Of course we laughed at our own stupidity.  When we need to use the injector we keep reminding each other where the needle is stored.  

Life lesson –  let it go and move on – make humor a priority to keep your sanity!

Author: midlifeandcrazy

Life is about humor. I strive to find humor in any situation good or bad. As they say -- laughter is the best medicine!

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