Am I too late to the blog party?

So I have a job, an easy job.  I don’t get paid much but it allows me time to do a bit of reading, and walking.  Lost 20 pounds, thank you! I like my job but I really hate to leave my dog at home. Everyday I get the terrible “don’t leave me face.”  That is why my goal is to freelance write, so I can work at home with my dog on my lap. She is a tiny dog so she fits well. Are you with me?

I have found that my favorite type of book to read is woman telling funny stories of their life’s trials, triumphs and defeats.  I have always used humor as a coping mechanism.

I say to self, I can do that; I have a ton of funny stories about my life, family and friends.  I have been told that I am excellent at writing business correspondence and a killer emails. Is a blog post much different?

Problem is blogging started over 10 years ago or more.  Is it too late to join the party? I have so many stories I want to get out of my head before I get dementia and forget what a wonderful childhood and life I have had.  Seriously, I have CRS syndrome!

People still read books, right? I say let’s give this a go and see where we land!

Author: midlifeandcrazy

Life is about humor. I strive to find humor in any situation good or bad. As they say -- laughter is the best medicine!

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